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Board of Education Policy Manual

The Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) is a voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the Illinois public schools through local citizen control. Although not a part of State government, IASB is organized by member school boards as a private not-for-profit corporation under authority granted by Article 23 of the School Code. The mission of the IASB is excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education. 

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Cook County School District 130 Board Policy Manual


The online manual provides the Board of Education's policies and related regulations in a fully searchable, easy-to-use format.


Use the Table of Contents to the left to view all policies and related procedures within each section. Click on the closed book or open book icons beside each section heading to expand or collapse an item and view its subparts. Individual policies, exhibits and regulations are identified in the Table of Contents by the paper icon. You may also use the Next and Back buttons at the top right to browse the policies.


You may search for policies by policy number or specific words by using the search box at the top left.

Recent Revisions

Click here to view recent modifications to board policies.


If you have any questions regarding this manual, please contact the District Office.