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The Ant Hill Disaster a book written by Julia Cook

A summary:

In the wake of the Ant Hill School's destruction, a young ant boy finds himself gripped by fear, reluctant to return to school. Sensing her child's distress, the mother ant tenderly reassures him, imparting a valuable life lesson. She explains that sometimes unforeseen events occur beyond our control, but it is essential to find the resilience within us to continue living and growing.

In "The Ant Hill Disaster," the profound anxieties associated with both natural and man-made disasters are sensitively addressed. The book exemplifies nurturing and educational responses from parents and teachers alike. Through its heartfelt narrative, it conveys to children the power of love, empathetic understanding, preparedness, and effective communication, instilling the belief that they can remain steadfast despite uncontrollable circumstances.

I’m Not Scared...I’m Prepared a book by Julia Cook

When confronted with danger, taking action becomes crucial.

The teacher in the Ant Hill School is committed to ensuring her students are well-prepared for any situation. On a particular day, she imparts a lesson on how to handle the presence of a "dangerous someone" within their school.

Living in our present world, it is essential to address the pressing question: What options do we have to ensure survival during a violent intruder event?

"I'm Not Scared...I'm Prepared!" expands on the ALICE concepts, providing children of all ages with a non-frightening understanding of how to respond in such situations. Through this book, children can develop a greater awareness of what actions are necessary if they ever encounter a "dangerous someone."

Safety at Home a Coloring Book for Children

The “Safer Communities” coloring book series teaches children ages 4 to 7 about mitigation solutions in a fun and easily understandable way.

Each book includes:

A short narrative about how to make homes and communities safer.

A glossary of terms to help expand vocabulary.

Activities that can be done with an adult.

Podcasts About School Safety

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