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Our MissionArial view with shield

Provide a well-rounded educational foundation that supports our children's academic, physical, and emotional growth; success; and commitment to others.

Our Vision

Cook County School District 130 is committed to creating a culture that fosters a trusting, collaborative, and equitable learning environment for all members of our school community.

Our Core Values

Equitable Opportunities for Instruction and Programs

Every student should have access and opportunities to explore a wide range of content and learning.

High Expectations for All

Students and adults in the school community should be held to high standards of achievement while setting high aspirations.

Meaningful Family and Community Engagement

Students are most successful when families and the community are closely aligned and engaged with the schools.

Literate and Critical Thinkers

Students should be flexible thinkers, adaptive problem solver, and literate citizens.

Innovative Instruction Based in Best Practice and Using Relevant Technology

Instruction should always be improving, and we should constantly be seeking to improve teaching and learning.

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Successful learners understand the relationship between good health, fitness, and intellectual abilities, and strive to achieve that balance.

Positive and Respectful Relationships

All members of the school community are expected to be positive and supportive of each other while seeking to improve students' experiences and their schools.

Responsible Behavior and Actions

All members of the school community should behave responsibly and work to create a safe and inviting school environment.

A Brief History of Cook County School District 130Kerr 1930's

In 1847, the first public school in the area opened at what is now Maple and Grove Streets in Blue Island. The building, which later became a library and public meeting hall, still stands not far from the present Whittier School. The first building on Maple was replaced by a two-story structure in 1854-55, which was named Whittier School. This second structure was replaced by a Victorian version, and later by the present Whittier building in 1925.

As the community grew, other buildings were added to the school system. During the 1950's, the Illinois legislature forced the closing of District 129, a one-room school. The Crestwood students from District 129 became a part of School District 130 at that time. Just 16 students attended the area's first public school in 1847, although about 80 school aged children were known to live in the area. Today, Cook County School District 130 makes every effort to have all children within its boundaries in a school program. Currently approximately 3,000 students from Alsip, Blue Island, Crestwood and Robbins attend school in Cook County School District 130.