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Principal's Message

Kiwana Sanders, Principal

Kiwana Sanders

Dear partner in education,


I am delighted to bring my experience and passion for students to ANCHOR Academy!  This program offers a unique opportunity for students to rediscover their tools, talents and drive for success.  For almost 25 years, I have worked as an educator, mentor, instructional leader and advocate for children.  Learning from children and helping them discover new talents and useful ways to incorporate learning into their everyday lives brings about a level of joy for me that cannot be measured. 


I believe that all children want to learn and that all children can learn.  The exciting part is working with students until WE discover the best route to reach success!  To that end, I have never stopped being a learner myself.  I obtained my master’s degree in 2004, and in 2009 I became a National Board Certified Teacher of Literacy.  I am an alumni of Illinois State University and Governors State University; recently I returned to Governors State University to work towards my doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership.  


Academic offerings at ANCHOR Academy mirror those offered at the student’s school of origin. Students receive standards based instruction to address their grade appropriate academic and social/emotional goals.  Students receive daily instruction in Mathematics, Social Sciences, Science, English Language Arts, Language Arts and Physical Education by certified instructors.  Additionally, they undergo the same assessment practices applied to all students at the middle school level throughout CCSD 130. 


This program is built on providing intentional and systematic opportunities to reinforce how to “do school”.  Nobody becomes great by accident.  At ANCHOR Academy, where students Achieve Knowledge and Citizenship Through, Hope, Opportunities and Resilience, we offer students opportunities to discover their greatness each and every day! 




Kiwana Sanders


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