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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Learning treeThe Department of Curriculum and Instruction provides leadership and support to fulfill the District's mission to "provide a well-rounded educational foundation that supports our children's academic, physical, and emotional growth; success; and commitment to others."  We are focused on providing student-centered instruction through purposefully designed learning experiences that effectively engage, appropriately challenge, and maximize the continuous growth and development of every student.

The Cook County School District 130’s curriculum is designed and developed in collaboration with teachers and administrators and is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards.  The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to supporting the academic, behavioral, and personal growth of all students, including those who qualify under Section 504, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), or as English-language learners.


Carrie Tisch

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

  • Oversees Curriculum and Instruction Department

Graig Mason

Director of Curriculum

  • Student Data
  • Student Assessments
  • Summer School Program
  • Promotion Criteria
  • Grant Writing Committee

Stephanie Delgrosso

Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Professional Development
  • Instructional Programs Evaluations
  • Instructional Practice Observation
  • Supervise Instructional Coaches

Aidé Ferrin

Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Curriculum and Instruction Issues
  • S.I.P Day Information
  • Teacher Institute Days
  • Student enrollment
  • Textbooks

Christine Barry

District Intructional Technology Coach

  • Instructional technology integration
  • District digital tool management

Kimberly Hauser

District Instructional Technology Coach

  • Instructional technology integration
  • District digital tool management

Megan Hill

District Instructional Coach for Mathematics

  • Teaching strategies
  • Assessment of mathematical skills
  • Support for the district's mathematics program

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