School-Wide Expectations 
  Arrival & Dismissal Stairs & Halls Bus Restrooms Cafeteria Playground Assemblies Main Office
BE RESPECTFUL Use appropriate language and voice level. SILENT dismissal Be silent while walking in the hallways Use appropriate language and volume Respect the privacy and personal space of others Follow the directions of all cafetorium staff Share Enter and exit quietly Wait to be acknowledged before beginning your conversation
Listen and follow all directions given by staff Respect the space of others  Follow the directions given by the driver and/or assistant Paper products remain in the designated areas Practice good table manners Include others Pay attention to the speaker and respond appropriately Be polite when speaking to the office staff
BE RESPONSIBLE Line up by your homeroom when you arrive Use designated stairwell when moving through the building  Move directly to your seat Need a pass/have a pass Enter and exit quietly Follow game rules Be ready to participate Need a pass/have a pass
Report to the office after 8:30 am in order to get a tardy pass  Walk on the right side when moving through the stairs and halls Keep the bus clean Flush the toilet and keep paper products in the designated areas Get permission to leave the table before moving Dress appropriate for the weather Sit with your class on your bottom Enter the office through the main office entrance
At dismissal you are to leave school grounds promptly No talking in the hallways.   undefined
Be alert for the 'quiet' signal (High-Five in the air) Use and return the equipment properly Be an active listener BE RESPONSIBLE
BE SAFE Remain on school grounds when you arrive Walk, don't run to your destination Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion Practice good hygiene Report any spills immediately Whistle blows- FREEZE- Line-up Wait for entire class to  be seated Follow directions given by office staff
Line up in the appropriate places at the end of the day  Respect the space of others Keep the aisles clear Whittier PAW PRIDE!!!
Follow crossing guard's  directions Speak with an indoor voice Keep your voices at an indoor level  Report any damage or vandalism immediately  Walk while carrying food  Inform adult of any problems Elbow room apart Go directly to your destination



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