Paul Revere Intermediate School

Staff Directory

Paul Revere Intermediate School Staff

Office     EXT
Mrs. Connie Grason Principal  
Mrs. Patricia Caratachea Secretary

Custodial Staff      
Ms. Ernestina Manrique Custodian  
Ms. Alma Saucedo Custodian  
4th Grade Teachers      
Mr. David Bonnan 4th Grade Room 103  
Ms. Margaret Pipal-Botana 4th grade Room 104  
Mrs. Juanita Esparza 4th Grade Room 106, DL  
Ms. Martha Ortega 4th Grade Room 101, BL  
Mr. Jose Bono 4th Grade Room 105, DL  
5th Grade Teachers      
Mrs. Karen Johnson 5th Grade Room 207  
Mrs. Stephanie Kelch 5th Grade Room 206  
Mrs. Wendy Klimah 4th/5th Grade Room 205  
Mr. Saul Castaneda 5th Grade Room 203, DL  
Mrs. Elizabeth Terrazas 5th Grade Room 204, DL  
Mr. Carlos Carrillo 5th Grade Room 202, BL  
Special Education      
Ms. Stacy Irvine Learning Disabilities Resource  
Ms. Stephanie Maldonado Learning Disabilities Resource    
Support Staff      
Mrs. Jacqueline Tostado  Instructional Coach, Room LL #3   
Mr. John Okrzesik Band, Room LL  
Ms. Nicole Griffin Media Specialist, LMC  
Mrs. Valerie Marrin Nurse, Room 202  
Ms. Jessica Null Social Worker, Room 205 A  
Mr. Tom Santoyo Music, Room 107  
Mr. Dan Doyle Art, Room 107  
Ms. Kelli Shimko Physical Education, Gym  
Mr. Brandon House Physical Education, Gym  
Ms. Araceli Salgado Paraprofessional  
Mr. Jose Alvarado Paraprofessional    
Ms. Ann Martinez Paraprofessional  
Ms. Gwenae Houston-Ladd Paraprofessional  
Ms. Maria Martinez Paraprofessional  
Mrs. Alice Cheversia Paraprofessional, Health Aide  


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