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Nathan Hale Primary School

Staff Directory

Name Position Extension Email
Alicia Smith Principal  7422
Chris Kosek Assistant Principal  7415
  Office Staff    
Libney Torres Bilingual Secretary  7399
Mary Fernald Secretary  7403
Lisa O'Leary Teacher   lo'
April O’Brien Teacher


Heather Siergiej Teacher
Anakaren Munoz Dual Language Teacher
Nathalie Castillo Dual Language Teacher
  First Grade    
Margaret Garvey Teacher
Jamie Sobolewski Teacher
Michelle Szukalski Teacher
Yajaira Frausto Dual Langauge Teacher
Lorena Villanueva Dual Language Teacher
  Second Grade    
Colleen Noha Teacher
Tim Kennedy Teacher
Karen McQuinn Teacher
Maria Marron Dual Language Teacher
Monica De La Torre Dual Language Teacher
  Third Grade    
Kathleen O'Gorman Teacher   ko'
Jennifer Chudzinski Teacher
Donna Golumbeck Teacher
Victoria Novy Dual Language Teacher
Maribel Prado Dual Language Teacher
  Special Education    
Grace Haberkorn ICP Teacher (K-2nd)
Krystin Mahoney Cross Cat Teacher (K-1st)
Erin Denny ED Teacher (K-2nd)
Jennifer Bello Special Ed Resource
MaryEllen Longawa Special Ed Resource
Rachel Skupien  Cross Cat Teacher (2nd-3rd) 
  Arts/Physical Education    
Susan Larsen  Art Teacher 
Rebecca Falls Music Teacher

Laura Reinert Media Teacher
Thomas McGinnis PE Teacher 
Ilene Mokijewski PE Teacher
  Support Personnel    
Terri Campos Literacy Coach
Demetrease Calhoun Reading Recovery/Primary Literacy
Leanne Jankowicz Reading Recovery/Primary Literacy
Cera Chavez TPI/ESL Teacher
Nikki McDougal TPI/ESL Teacher
Jessica Null Social Worker ED
Chaquoia Kelly Social Worker
Mallory Widell Social Worker ICP
Elizabeth O'Connor Speech
Courtney Schmitt Speech ICP
Kim DeMario Nurse
Mirlo Alonso 3rd DL
Jenna Baker Media  7418
Evelyn Baxter Sped 1:1
Desmond Blocker ED
  Title I
Sharon Duffy ICP
Pat Fisher 2nd- 3rd CC
Rosario Zumda Nurse
Gabriela Loftus ICP
Lorena Lopez 2nd- DL
Bridget Curtin ED
Sue Reynolds 1:1 Vision
Altagracia Sanchez ICP 1:1
Paulina Zaragoza ICP
Karina Perez 1st-DL                            
Luz Garcia ICP 1:1
Kayla Martinez CC 1:1
Irma Lagunas K-DL
Raven Labon ICP 1:1
Donna Lewis ICP 1:1
  Custodial Staff    
Keith Watson Custodian
Sue Gracie Custodian
Jorge Coreas Custodian
Pilar Suarez Custodian
Michelle Benjamin Custodian


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