Nathan Hale Middle School Families and Community,

I am honored to be appointed the principal of Nathan Hale Middle School. I look forward to working with the innovative staff at NHM, but most importantly, I am eager to work with the parents and students of Alsip, Blue Island, Crestwood, and Robbins in an effort to continue the long standing tradition of high quality instruction in a safe environment.

As your new principal I bring 9 years of administrative experience in various communities. Prior to becoming an administrator, I accumulated 13 years of teaching experience as a Reading Specialist, Lead Literacy Teacher, and Middle School English Language Arts teacher. Twenty-two years of experience as an educator has afforded me a plethora of experiences in only educating children, coaching teachers from grades PreK-8, working in tandem with community stakeholders, organizing community events and sponsoring student groups.

My intent is to offer the students of NHM no less than what I would offer my two sons, Najee and Kaleb. That means that I will work tirelessly with each staff members to ensure that graduates of NHM reach and/or exceed their growth targets, enabling them to matriculate to high school with the skills required to be college and career ready. Authentic, rigorous academic opportunities and systematic social and emotional support will drive the work here at NHM.

I have a hands-on approach to leadership. As such, you will find that I open and close my day either in the halls, at the main entrance, or outside exchanging greetings with parents and students. I am eager to meet the families and community members of NHM. As the work of an educator gets more and more challenging, developing partnerships with all stakeholders is crucial and it is one of my priorities. To that end, please feel free to stop by to introduce yourself, reach me by phone, or via email at

Your partner in education,

Kiwana L. Sanders





With many years of teaching and administrative experience in our community, I am delighted to serve the as the Assistant Principal at Nathan Hale Middle School. I look forward to working with the students and families as we move through what will be a tremendous year of learning and growth for our students.


Growing up in Crestwood, I attended the Nathan Hale Campus from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Later, after graduating college, my teaching career began as a Mathematics and Science teacher at NHM. Six years later, as an administrator, I proudly began serving the students and families in Cook County School District 130. Working as an administrator at varied grade levels and with the diverse communities within CCSD 130 has brought me great knowledge and understanding in the various aspects of teaching, learning and building relationships. The collective experiences throughout my career allow me to provide the students, staff, families and community a safe and nurturing school environment, with an emphasis on high academic expectations in both teaching and learning.


The education of our children is one of the most important tasks in our society. At Nathan Hale Middle School, we will challenge our students to learn and grow to the best of their ability. Parent support and a strong home-school connection will help your child achieve their social, emotional and educational goals and prepare them for successful lives. Please join NHM as our partners in educating our students!


Educationally Yours,



Amy Botica

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