District 130 Athletic Program

The Cook County District 130 Middle Schools Athletic Program is based on the premise that students in the transitional years between childhood and adolescence have characteristics and needs that are unique to their age group. Coaches of middle school students should possess an understanding of the characteristics of the age group and should utilize a variety of methods in working with the students.

The goal of each athletic activity should be to improve physical fitness, coordination, confidence and the ability to follow directions, while developing such values as cooperation, sportsmanship, discipline, self-respect and respect for others. Although excellence is a worthy goal and students should strive to win, they should also learn to recognize the value of participating in a team effort and in doing their best. In order to be effective, the athletic program at each school should be a cooperative venture shared by the administration, coaches, and parents working together to provide a positive experience for students.

District 130 currently offers team sports to students attending 6th, 7th, or 8th grades. The school year is divided up into four seasons as indicated below. 

Winter A
Winter B
Girls Volleyball Varsity/JV
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys Volleyball
Boys Soccer Varsity/JV
Girls Soccer


District 130 Middle School Athletic Handbook

2016-2017 Calendar


To receive information specific to each individual middle school, please feel free to contact the following person(s):

Raeann Zylman
Athletic Director
Veterans Memorial Middle School
(708) 385-6630, ext. 7316

Jeff Andersen
Athletic Coordinator
Veterans Memorial Middle School
(708) 385-6630

Eduardo Rodriguez
Athletic Coordinator
Kerr Middle School
(708) 385-5959

Karen Brady
Athletic Coordinator
Nathan Hale Middle School
(708) 385-6690

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