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To learn about Kerr Middle School's achievement and to view the Illinois Interactive Report Card, please visit the Illinois Report Card website.

2016 Illinois Report Card "At a Glance"

2015 Illinois Report Card Summary (prepared by District 130)


"Grow to Great" - MAP Data for Kerr Middle School

Students at Kerr Middle School are improving at an average rate.

With the more rigorous demands of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), we are not only providing foundational skills but the opportunity for each of our students to grow to their individual greatness.

Below, you can see the results from last year’s NWEA™ MAP® tests, with links to similar data from previous years.  We have only begun to use CCSS-aligned data that MAP® provides to improve instruction across District 130, as we implement our cycles of continuous improvement for student growth.

2015-16 Mathematics Growth/Proficiency


2014-15 Mathematics Growth/Proficiency

2013-14 Mathematics Growth/Proficiency

2015-16 Reading Growth/Proficiency


2013-14 Reading Growth/Proficiency

2013-14 Reading Growth/Proficiency


District-wide Data Overviews

2015-16 MAP Results for Cook County School District 130

2014-15 MAP Results for Cook County School District 130

2013-14 MAP Results for Cook County School District 130


Parent Resources

In order to ensure that we maximize growth, our students need support from their parents and guardians. Please talk to your child's teacher or school administrators for information about your child's individual progress in mathematics and reading. In addition, please see the resources below for further information on how NWEA™ MAP® data is used in District 130.

MAP® Frequently Asked Questions / MAP® Preguntas Frecuentes

MAP® Overview / Resumen de MAP® 

MAP® Resources and Tips / MAP® Recursos y Consejos

Data Visuals / Explicación Visual del Lenguaje de Información y Datos


School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan is the road map for growth. It is created by the School Improvement Team at each building using current school data. Priority goals are set that align with the mission and vision of the school and district, and action items are created in order to achieve the goals. The plan is created for a two-year time period. It is monitored quarterly and adjusted as needed. New action items may be added each year based on progress of action items and natural next steps.

2015-17 Improvement Plan for Kerr Middle School

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