Mr. Coppin -



The month of April brings the the Illinois Readiness Assessment (I.A.R) and students are reading multiple passages in order to establish a central theme. In addition, they are working on comparing and contrasting the passages and using text evidence to support their essay. In addition, the students are finalizing their teen activist essays which they started prior to break.

Mr. Flood -


In April, we will be focusing on Geometry.

Essential Questions:

How does the area of a rectangle relate to the area of a triangle?

How does a parallelogram compare to a rectangle?

How can we use our knowledge of rectangles and triangles to find the area of trapezoids?

How does knowing the area formulas for 2-dimensional shapes help us when finding the surface area of 3-dimensional shapes?




Welcome back from Spring Break! Testing in Reading and Math began this week on the Illinois Readiness Assessment (I.A.R.)

Students should continue to get a good night’s sleep and be prepared to do their best.

In Reading class, book clubs have been chosen and each group will be responsible to read and then present their novel through various writing, drawing, and acting activities.




The students are working on a Poetry unit for writing class. They will read and write a variety of poems. In addition, students are to independently read and write on a daily basis.

Ms. Piniuta -

Social Studies

For the next few weeks, we will be covering ancient Egypt in class.  Students’ final project on this civilization will be to create an Egyptian god.  

Mrs. Wajda -


How does structure affect function? We are studying cells and how they function within the body system. We have been introduced to the use of microscopes to view prepared slides. Our unit project will be to create an analogy to demonstrate cell function in a real life example. Final product choices are a 3D model, poster or slide presentation.

Ms. Irvine-


Illinois Readiness Assessment (IAR) testing started the week of April 8th, and will last approximately 2 weeks. Students will be tested on both reading and math. Please encourage your students to try their best! Along with co-teaching in ELA and Math, this month in Skills we will be focusing on Achieve 3000. Please continue to check powerschool weekly to stay updated on homework assignments and grades! Happy spring!



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