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Mr. Coppin -



We are continuing our personal narratives and I am learning about my students in the process. They have mastered the concept of creating suspense and internal conflict within their writing. In reading, we are comparing two informational passages pertaining to corruption (Stealing Beauty and The Ivory Trade).

Mr. Flood -


In math, the students will be starting a new unit that focuses on Ratios, Rates, and Proportions.

Essential Questions:

How does recognizing patterns help us when constructing ratio tables?

How does division and LCM help us when simplifying ratios or determining when two ratios are equivalent?

When is knowing unit rate valuable in real-life?




This week students will be tested on Unit 1- Vocabulary Skills which added to their descriptive writing. The next unit will review literary elements including the plot line, characterization, and setting. Conflict, theme, and foreshadowing will also be addressed. The various literary terms will be identified in the student’s newly assigned S.E.L. novel. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.




The students will be finalizing their personal narrative writing essays. In addition, they are reading short fictional stories and identifying literary elements and using reading strategies to increase comprehension. They are required to read and write on a daily basis.

Ms. Piniuta -

Social Studies

During October, we will be finishing up our Geography Unit, with a project that explores the 5 themes of geography in relation to Blue Island.  From there, we will be moving into studying early humans and the Stone Age,

Mrs. Wajda -


We are continuing our lessons on the cycling of matter and energy in Earth’s systems.  We will be conducting an experiment to create a model of the rock cycle. We will be examining land features and processes of weathering and erosion along with geoscience processes of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.




October 19, 2018


The Week of October 22nd-October 26th



Mrs. Moehlig:  The students have begun to work on their Checkbook packet in class. These packets are not to leave school and are worth 105 points. The packets are due on November 9th and can be turned in as soon as completed. This, along with other assignments will finalize our unit on mark-ups, mark-downs, taxes, tips and interest. There will be a unit 2 assessment given in 2 weeks.

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Social Studies

Mr. Farrell:  Topics discussed this week will be: Why did Europeans want to find an ocean route to Asia? and Europeans that reached the Americas before Columbus.

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Mrs. Baker:  Students will be introduced to how and why scientists write.  They will be learning and practicing the CER method (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning) while exploring the question:
"Should people incorporate more insects into their diet?"  YUMMY!

Weekly affix words: uni-, bi-, tri-

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    Language Arts

Mrs. Castaneda: Students will continue to work on Text Structure Unit; in conjunction with Argumentative Writing Unit.



Ms. Klabisch: Students will be introduced to Argument Writing, Bias and will be reading articles covering 2 sides of an issue.  



Mr. Bono:Good day Parents/Guardians. This coming week we will be finishing the novel Hatchet and turning in our final draft of the realistic fiction story. In addition, we are listening & reading the short story of El Castillo del abecédario. Furthermore, we will be embarking on the study of Prefixes & roots.


Buen día padres/guardianes de familia. Esta semana entrante vamos a terminar de leer la novela de Hatchet y entregar el borrador final del cuento de ficción realista. También estamos escuchando y leyendo El Castillo del abecedario. Finalmente vamos embarcar con el estudio de prefijos y raíces.


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    8th Grade Class News

   10/15 - 10/19



Ms. PhillipsC:\Users\wajdak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\RM8RRRK8\clip_social_studies[1].JPG


The Progressive Era:

In this unit we will be analyzing what makes a responsible citizen today and the structure and functions of government and compare them to the early 1900s during the Progressive Era in our nation during the big business boom in the U.S. and the formation of labor unions.

Mrs. DamianC:\Users\wajdak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\W1TK4YO9\math-and-symbols-image3[1].jpg


Unit 1: Expressions and Equations

Students will complete unit 1 ending with computation in Scientific Notation.  Students will then complete a review and take the Unit 1 Assessment.

Mr. FloresImage result for class subjects


Students will be finishing their second memoirs.

Mrs. DarganImage result for class subjectsImage result for language arts

ELA- Students will compare and contrast the book version and movie regarding Maria Reyes. Permission form is needed.

LA-Students will be reading the scary stories they have written.

Mr. SepulvedaImage result for language arts


ELA- Figurative Language and start "Touching Spirit Bear"

LA- Begin the Persuasive Essay Unit.

Ms. WrightC:\Users\wajdak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\O3GXI3II\science[1].jpg


Students will continue to analyze how Earth processes changed populations of organisms. Students will begin working on their Fossil Diorama with a partner that depicts both a natural habitat and a scene that a paleontologist discovers.

Reminders and Event

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Parent/Teacher conferences on 10/25 from 4-8 and 10/26 from 8-11.


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