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Classroom Activities

Mr. Coppin -



Students are reading two fictional passages; White Fang and the King of Mazy May which takes us back to the Alaskan Gold Rush. This ties into our Unit 4 Section: Reading Comprehension. In Language Arts, we will discuss and interpret whether conflict is a good or bad thing and put ourselves into the characters within our reading passages.

Mr. Flood -


In Math, we will begin Unit 3, Rational numbers.  Some essential questions will be:

Can a distance ever be negative?

How is a coordinate plane similar to a number line?

How does knowing absolute value help us when determining the difference between two values, example a change in temperature from -12 to 5?




In Reading/ELA students are starting a new unit on understanding text structures which ties in nicely with reading informational text.

In Writing/L.A., students are completing their biography outlines on their chosen teen activist. From there, the four paragraph essay will be structured, adding transitions, varied verbs and sentence structure. A rubric has been added to their Google Classroom page as well as other useful sources during this unit and for review.




We are finalizing our research based informational writing unit. In Reading class, students are working on a text features. Students are expected to read and write independently. We are preparing to take ACCESS testing which will take place in February.

Ms. Piniuta -

Social Studies

We are studying how hominids changed from nomads to civilizations, which will bring us to our unit on Mesopotamia.  Students will analyze how agriculture changed life in the Neolithic age, and how geographic challenges led to rise of city-states in the Fertile Crescent.    

Mrs. Wajda -


All class assignments and resources are posted in Google Classroom.

We are studying Earth’s Place in the Solar System, beginning with a STEM explore activity: Rover Landing. Students will research a current Astronomy topic of their choice throughout this unit. Concept focus: Solar System Scale Properties, Cyclic Patterns, and Gravity.

Extra Credit Project: Moon Phase Observations

Ms. Irvine-


Happy New Year! Along with co-teaching in ELA and Math, this month in Skills we will be focusing on online programs (including  and IXL) to focus on key skills and techniques pertaining to student goals. Please continue to check powerschool weekly to stay updated on homework assignments and grades! MAP Testing is coming soon!


January 18, 2019


The Week of January 22nd-January 25th



Mrs. Moehlig: We have begun to work on Rational Numbers (fractions and decimals). We will be adding and subtracting positive and negative rational numbers with unlike denominators.

Essential Question:  What happens when you add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions?

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Social Studies

Mr. Farrell:.We have started on The US Constitution and have finished the general introduction and we are moving onto the Legislative Branch of Government.

 ScienceC:\Users\bakerj\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\9X0H4SF1\MC900351957[1].wmf

Mrs. Baker:  Students will be in lab stations next week as we investigate buoyancy, density, solubility and other physical properties.  Students who miss lab days will be given alternative assignments to make up lab points.

            Reading C:\Users\bakerj\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\73IMX95R\MC900434583[1].wmf

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    Language Arts

Mrs. Castaneda: Students will complete their literary analysis of "Amigo Brothers" with their groups to prepare for the novel study they will begin next week for the Writing about Reading Writing Workshop.


Ms. Klabisch: 2-8 & 3-7 Block: Students will begin their Novel Study in conjunction to the Writing Workshop, Writing About Reading.  9th Period: Students will continue their literary analysis of short Story "Ribbons" and will need to choose a novel to do their literary analysis.


Mr. Bono: : Good day Parents/Guardians: Next week we will be beginning the novel, The Outsiders (Rebeldes), by Susan E. Hinton. The students will continue to write an argumentative essay either about school uniforms or school lunches. Finally, the students will learn more Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes in order to enhance their vocabulary.


                      Buen día padres/guardianes: La semana que entra comenzaremos a leer la novela, The Outsiders (Rebeldes), por Susan E. Hinton. Los estudiantes continuarán escribiendo su ensayo argumentativo ya sea de los almuerzos escolares o de los uniformes escolares. Finalmente, los estudiantes aprenderán más prefijos, raíces y sufijos para mejorar su vocabulario.


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    8th Grade Class News




Ms. PhillipsC:\Users\wajdak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\RM8RRRK8\clip_social_studies[1].JPG


Students will be in their Roaring Twenties Units:

In this unit we will explore the aftermath of WWI and the impact it had on society; causing much labor and racial strife amongst Americans.

When we return from Winter Break: WWII Begins!

Mrs. DamianC:\Users\wajdak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\W1TK4YO9\math-and-symbols-image3[1].jpg


Unit 2: Assessment on Irrational number, Pythagorean Theorem, & Volume

Unit 3: Geometric Figures: Transformations on the coordinate plane.

Mr. FloresImage result for class subjects


LA-Students will be working on their position papers.

ELA-Students will be working on theme, connotation, and denotation.

Mrs. DarganImage result for class subjectsImage result for language arts

ELA- "The Gift of the Magi" Theme, Figurative Language, Irony, and Plot.

LA- Writing Position Paper Due Monday, Dec. 17th.

Mr. SepulvedaImage result for language arts


ELA- Figurative Language, character analysis of Cole. Continue reading Touching Spirit Bear with sign posts.

LA- Continue Persuasive Essay on whether or not teens should play violent video games. Begin to prepare for speeches.

Book Report will be due 12/18

Ms. WrightC:\Users\wajdak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\O3GXI3II\science[1].jpg


Science - Ecosystem Unit: Students will investigate how changes to physical and biological components of an ecosystem affects populations. Students will participate in creating the class vegetable garden and will argue, based on data, how plant structures can affect the probability plants thriving. (January 2019)

Reminders and Event

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