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Classroom Activities

Mr. Coppin -



Students are working on their Teen Activist essay in addition to wrapping up their unit on Theme. They have done a wonderful job correlating three separate passages in order to understand a  recurring theme of perseverance and how you have to sometimes endure the hardships of life.

Mr. Flood -


In math, students will continue the expressions and equations units.  Some Essential Questions are:

How does understanding properties of equality help us to simplify expressions?

When given an algebraic expression such as "3x where x = 4," why is it important to know that this simplifies to "3 times 4" and not "34"?

What is the advantage of using exponents?

Why is it important to keep an equation balanced?

How does knowing and understanding properties help us to solve equations?

Can an inequality ever have just one solution?




As we prepare for the next standardized test, I.A.R. (Illinois Assessment of Readiness) which takes the place of PARCC, students are working on expanding their writing skills. After reading a variety of short stories, students will select a character and develop a well-structured literary essay using evidence to support their claim.

Also, students will be expanding their vocabulary and frequent/weekly quizzes will be given to assess their vocabulary knowledge.




Students will finalize their literary essays for the Compare and Contrast writing unit.In Reading students will review a variety of reading strategies. Students are expected to read and write on a daily basis. Also, students are encouraged to use IMAGINE LEARNING, Ten Marks and/or Achieve 3000 at home.

Mrs. Wajda -


We are finishing our Astronomy unit with an independent research project, topics include: Mars exploration, seasonal moons and phases, NASA programs, SpaceX program, astronaut technology and inventions. We will begin our Cell Structure and Function unit, which will include comparing and contrasting animal and plant cells and types of reproduction.

Ms. Irvine-


Along with co-teaching in ELA and Math, this month in Skills we will be focusing on online programs to focus on key skills and techniques pertaining to student goals. 3 days a week we are working on Achieve 3000 in Skills class. Please continue to check powerschool weekly to stay updated on homework assignments and grades!



March 1, 2019

  Tuesday, March 5th is an Early Release Day-Students will be dismissed at 1:15.

The Week of March 4 to March 8



Mrs. Moehlig: The students will continue to write algebraic expression to help in solving real world problems. They will also begin to work with the commutative, associative, distributive, and identity properties. The quarter ends on Monday March 11th. I highly encourage students to look at their grades and schedule retakes with me ASAP.

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Social Studies

Mr. Farrell: We will finish the Executive Branch early next week. Thursday the students will take the Executive Branch assessment.

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Mrs. Baker: Students will be having a review of: Atomic structure, elements, compounds,  formulas, as well as deck 3 affixes.

There will be a TEST on Friday that covers these topics.  Students should study their notes (found in their binders) as well as  and the various quizlets that have been posted (Deck 3)

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    Language Arts

Mrs. Castaneda: We will begin our Poetry Unit this week. There will be numerous vocabulary words as well as notes taken throughout the week. There will also be vocabulary quizzes in this unit, so make sure you study.


Ms. Klabisch: 2-8 & 3-7 Block: Students will be completing their Novel Study with a Final Project due March 8.  9th Period: Students will complete the literary analysis of the novel of their choice and Final Draft is Due Thursday, March 7.


Mr. Bono:

Next week’s goals:

Students will be starting to read a new novel (Students choice).

Students will take their Final on the Outsiders novel (Essay and Questions).

Students will write literary compositions.

Las metas de la semana:

Los estudiantes encojarán y empezaran a leer una nueva novela .

Los estudiantes se examinarán sobre la novela, Los rebeldes (Escrito y preguntas).

Los estudiantes escribirán composiciones literarias.


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